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Our Approach

-It takes a skilled insurance broker to present your risk in the right way to the right insurer. Based on our comprehensive understanding of your operations, we will present your business to the insurance market, ensuring your best interests are kept foremost and allowing us to secure the most competitive terms available



-It is simply not good enough for an insurance broker to just randomly obtain quotes from any insurer. We believe you need to be as selective about which insurer to use, as you would be with any other supplier!



-We will provide you with advice on cover, premiums and terms and conditions - explaining fully the options available to you.



-Right through the process we will ensure you are fully informed, supporting you in making appropriate decisions.



You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you are instructing us based on the best interests of your business.


We take comfort from using insurers with the best financial ratings for our own insurance cover and would look to achieve nothing less for you. At the end of the day insurer security is paramount to ensure claims can be paid where necessary

Upon Renewal

Throughout the lifetime of the policy we will have an eye on the next renewal keeping your policies under constant review.

We will carry out a full review of your arrangements, well in advance of renewal.

Whilst continuity of insurer often may bring benefits, we also appreciate insurance costs are a significant part of any budget and value for money is a priority. We will undertake any necessary renewal re-marketing in association with you. As always, we will take into consideration as part of that process insurer service and support, insurer attitude, market conditions, claims settlement and current rating structure.

Operating to agreed timescales, our renewal process is intended to avoid any ‘last minute surprises’ and unless there are some abnormal circumstances, we will conclude matters well in time for renewal.

Through working closely with your organisation, Ashleigh Mackay and Associates will provide:


- A full insurance health check review


- Expert advice


- Competitive premiums


- Excellent in-house claims service

Why choose us?
Through working closely with your organisation, Ashleigh Mackay will provide:
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