Insurance advice this Christmas – Ashleigh Mackay and Associates
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Ashleigh Mackay

During the next few weeks, drawers and cupboards in homes up and down the country will be filled with expensive Christmas gifts, and burglars know it!

Jewellery can make up a large portion of Christmas gifts and will be most attractive to thieves, being both valuable, portability and sellable.

If you’re buying an expensive Christmas gift that you would like to keep a surprise from a special person, don’t keep it a surprise from your insurance broker! Levels of additional cover over the Christmas period will vary from one insurer to the next, so you should read your policy documents carefully to know exactly what you’re covered for.

If you throw out any branded boxes the gifts came in, break them down as much as possible, otherwise you’re advertising the contents of your home to potential burglars!

If you’re lucky enough to receive a particularly valuable Christmas present this year, it might be worth a quick call to your insurance broker to see if the level of cover needs to be adjusted or, in the case of something like an expensive watch or ring, your gift needs specialist cover.

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and prosperous new year!